Times are changing

At Mohawk Canoes we make the large majority of our products in house.  This allows us to have greater control of the price and the quality of everything we sale.  With this comes a great responsibility, to always produce high quality gear for the best price.  The down side is it means lots of late nights searching for the best suppliers and a lot of time redesigning and changing how we manufacturer.

This is good and bad.  We have changed our supplier of flotation material.  Good  news it is made in the USA, bad news the color options are limited and the prices will have to increase by $5.00 dollars.  But it will be worth it.



  • Jon parrillo

    Bought are at factory in longwood fla. Was this the same company? Are is 36 years old

  • Dan Kelly

    Can you please tell me about this canoe. Blazer 16" Mohawk.
    Thank you. Dan

  • Ann Stanton

    Just sent an email but in case it doesn’t go through I’ll write here too.
    We have a 40 year old whitewater Mohawk canoe which has only been used maybe twice. Realized white watering wasn’t for us.
    We’d like to sell it. What would be a reasonable price for us to ask?
    We live in Laguna Niguel, California.
    Thank you.

  • Scott Johnson

    Do y’all have an actual store or are all your sales online?

  • William S Host

    I have a Sport 14, looking for end bags for it. Need the install kit too. Thanks! Bill

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