Bart Isaac - Blazer 16


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Bart Isaac purchased a 2000 Blazer in 2021 and walks us through his refurbishing process:

Greetings!  I purchased my fiberglass Mohawk canoe in October of 2021 as it was no longer being used by a camp rental in the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia.  I purchased it from the owner for a small amount and planned to just fish it with my son "as is".

However, I like to tinker and felt the boat could use an update.  The date code suggests it was made in Feb 2000.

I did fish with it a few times before taking it apart for a refurbish this past December.  I removed all of the aluminum and replaced it with scratch built wooden parts.  I also removed the original foam, replaced it with fresh 2 part foam from Total Boat and then fully fiberglassed the bow and stern.The gunnels and sets are ash while the deck, thwart and handles are cherry.  I painted it inside and out with Total Boat one part poly and the color is amazing (Aqua Mist).  All the wood is UV protected with a couple coats of Pettit 1015 varnish.

Here are some pictures of the process and the finished canoe.  I almost hate to take it out for some redfishing here in Northeast Florida, but I'm definitely going to do that soon!


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  • Robin

    Beautiful job! How has the paint held up? I’m thinking of doing the interior of my Mohawk square stern….thank you

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