How To Request Information About Your Canoe

To request information about your canoe, such as model, length, manufactured date, etc., please email us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com or visit our contact page and fill out our contact form. Be sure to include your canoe's Hull Identification Number (HIN) in your message. All Mohawk Canoes have an HIN that begins with MMN. Including a picture of the canoe can help (FYI, pictures cannot be attached via contact form, so please use email us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com if you would like to attach any photos). You can also browse the Mohawk Canoes Spec Archive and the Mohawk Canoes Historical Sell and Spec Sheets to find out more information about your Mohawk Canoe. In exchange for offering this free service,  we ask that you show some love by leaving an online Google review for Mohawk Canoes! 

Also consider visiting hindecoder.com which provides some basic information regarding your canoe's HIN.

What Is A Hull Identification Number (HIN)?

A typical hull identification number (HIN) consists of 12 letters and numbers, as in ABC12345D404.
Using the example HIN above, Here's what the letters and numbers mean:
  • ABC: This is the U.S. Coast Guard-assigned manufacturer identification code (MIC). Go to the USCG Manufacturers Identification page to access the Coast Guard's MIC database. The MIC for Mohawk Canoes is MMN.
  • 12345: This is the serial number assigned to the hull by the manufacturer. This may be a combination of letters and numbers. The letters "I," "O," and "Q" are excluded because they could be mistaken for numbers.
  • D: This is the month of certification, indicating the month in which construction began. "A" represents January and "L" represents December. In our example, "D" means April.
  • 4: This is the year of certification. The number is the last digit of the year in which the boat was built. "4" in this case designates 2004.
  • 04: This indicates the boat's model year.

Source: https://www.boatus.com/expert-advice/expert-advice-archive/2017/february/hull-identification-numbers

How Do I Find A Canoe's HIN?

A canoe's HIN can be found on the original paperwork that came with the canoe from the factory or dealer. The HIN is also physically located on the canoe. It will be located on the right outside stern either on a metal plate or directly on the canoe (if the HIN is not located there, check under the deck plate on the interior bow).  


Shipping Times

Domestic (USA) orders usually ship within 1-2 business days. Please allow extra processing time for international orders to ship due to additional paperwork.

Tracking Numbers

Tracking numbers are emailed to you when your order has been fulfilled and is about to be shipped.


Returns and exchanges are permitted for items purchased within 40 days that are in new and unused condition. Only the cost of the purchased products may be refunded. Original shipping costs and return shipping costs are nonrefundable.

Mohawk Canoes reserves the right to issue a refund or credit based on each individual situation's circumstances.

All returns and exchanges must be shipped with signature required and tracking number assigned. 

Please contact us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com if you have any questions about returns or exchanges.


Does Mohawk Still Manufacture Canoes?

Due to the cease in production of Royalex material, we stopped making canoes in 2016. We hope to again make new canoes, but we do not have a set date as to when that might happen.

Does Mohawk Still Manufacture Floatation Bags?

We are not currently manufacturing floatation bags, but, as with canoes, we hope to again some day. No date has been set for restarting the manufacture of floatation bags. 


How Do I Repair and/or Repaint My Canoe?

How to repaint or repair your canoe will depend on which material is used in your canoe's hull: fiberglass or Royalex. Fiberglass is easy to repair and repaint. Here is a good beginner's video guide to repairing and repainting a fiberglass canoe: wikihow.com/Paint-a-Fiberglass-Canoe. Royalex, on the other hand, can be more difficult to repair and repaint. When it comes to painting Royalex, we suggest using a marine-specific product like Interlux Brightside marine polyurethane paint.

Here are some videos that offer suggestions on how to repair Royalex:

Here is a good article on overall boat maintenance and repair from Eb's Adventure: ebsadventure.com/blogs/news/boat-maintenance-and-minor-repair

Does Mohawk Canoe Offer Repair and Installation Services?

Yes, Mohawk Canoes offer in-house repair and installation for most products and services. We charge $100 per hour for repair and installation services. Please contact us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com or call us at 423-825-2211 for more information. When emailing inquiries about repair and installation, please make sure to include photographs of your canoe and repair/installation parts.

Does Mohawk Canoes Offer Advice For Canoe Repairs?

We're happy to answer questions regarding DIY canoe repairs . Please send photos of the repair and canoe in question along with a detailed description of your question to customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com. In exchange for free advice, we ask that you show some love by leaving a review for Mohawk Canoes (click here to leave a Google review).


Where can I find instructions to install a part that I bought from Mohawk Canoes?

Click here to visit our Installation Instructions page where you can download instructions for Mohawk Canoes products.


Does Mohawk Canoes Sell Or Install Gunwale?

We offer vinyl gunwale for your canoe. Gunwale pieces are 16 feet long, each piece is $50. Due to prohibitively high shipping costs for gunwale, it is required that gunwale be picked up in-person from the Mohawk Canoes shop (located in Chattanooga, TN). We also install gunwale at our standard installation/repair cost which is $100 per hour plus parts. Please email us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com or call us at (423) 825-2211 for more information and to purchase gunwale.


    How Do I Get Assistance With Ordering?

    If you need assistance placing an order or you prefer to place the order over the phone please call 423-825-2211, we are open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST. 


      What Is The Best Way To Contact Mohawk Canoes?

      Email us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com. You can also call us at (423) 825-2211. 


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      Mohawk Canoes is located in Red Bank, Tennessee, USA.


      Mohawk Canoes was founded in 1964 in Orlando, Florida by Darrell Leidigh. In 1968 Mohawk moved to Casselberry, Florida and in 1972 moved to Longwood, Florida. In 2006, Mohawk Canoes was sold to another owner and the operations were moved to Fort Smith, Arkansas. In 2009, operations were moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee and in 2015 Mohawk Canoes was moved to it's present-day location in Red Bank, Tennessee.