Bill Raymond - 1983 Whitewater


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Bill Raymond, of Presque Isle, Maine shared these pictures and stories of his 1983 Royalex Whitewater canoe:

I have owned my Mohawk since circa 1987; having purchased it from a local guide/outfitter, who had used these canoes for several years.  I am assuming he had bought it new? 

Originally, the canoe was red.

The thwarts were round aluminum.

Seats were also aluminum, and with aluminum deck-plates (bow & stern).

 My modifications over the years (as you can see from the attached pictures) include:

-          First, I painted it green (± 1990’s),

-          They, I painted it ‘camo’ (during my duck-hunting days).

-          Several ‘patches’ over the years (mostly with epoxy).  Black paint covers the patches, and adds the ‘camo’ look.

-          Recently, I replace it with wooden thwarts, and added a lower-thwart & ‘fishing’ shelf with rod holders.

-          NOTE:  All my canoes have had (home-made) bow-mounted anchor-mounts – not shown in the pictures).

 Feel free to include my pictures in your new ‘SHOW ME YOUR MOHAWK” section.  I have owned several canoes over the years (mostly, Old Town’s); however, my old 17’ Mohawk has always been my ‘GO-TO’ canoe for solo paddling, hunting, and fishing.  It may not look like much, but the Mohawk just keeps on going.  Originally, my kids were young and I remember four of us in this boat.  Now, it’s my solo canoe, primarily for the rivers in northern Maine.  It’ll probably outlast me – maybe I’ll have the pleasure to see my grandson owning it some day?

 Thanks for your time,

Bill Raymond

Presque Isle, Maine

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