Chris Earle - 1999 Solo 14

  Exploring Puget Sound in 2014  Ozette Lake 3-day Trip in 2016  Paddling Along Hood Canal in 2013  Exploring Summit Lake in Washington in 2009  Spotted by Bigfoot On The Deschutes River in Oregon in 2021  Start of a Black River-Chehalis River Overnight in 2020

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Chris from Olympia, Washington shares his photos and favorite paddling spots with his Solo 14:

Solo 14, Royalite, bought January 1999. Still going strong. Set it up for whitewater at first, with floatation and thigh straps, but these days it seldom sees anything over Class 1. Paddled the Bowron Lakes circuit in BC, the Missouri Breaks in Montana, and a lot of shorter trips all over Oregon and Washington.

Chris has a quote from John Muir at the bottom of his email that is worth sharing: "Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world."

Photo descriptions, from left to right, top to bottom: 
1) Drifting down the Missouri Breaks in September 2000
2) Exploring Puget Sound in 2014
3) Ozette Lake 3-day trip in 2016
4) Paddling along Hood Canal in 2013
5) Exploring Summit Lake in Washington in 2009
6) Spotted by Bigfoot on the Deschutes River in Oregon in 2021
7) Start of a Black River-Chehalis River overnight in 2020

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