Gary Frey - 1993 Sportsman With Modifications


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Gary Frey shared the following info about his 1993 Sportsman canoe which he uses to explore the Florida Bay: 

Our main paddling area is Florida Bay, and while there are many beautiful mangrove creeks and islands to explore, we must sometimes cross open areas of the bay to reach them. Having a trolling motor to assist is a great help, especially when paddling against wind and current.

Most folks down here use kayaks, but we prefer our canoe due to it being roomier and more versatile. I have constructed a set of stabilizers for use in the open areas of the bay and to increase stability when climbing in and out of the water. We really enjoy our little canoe.

Featuring cart, outriggers, registration, electric trolling motor, and Super Cargo crew member. With outriggers idea from the internet.

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  • Tom

    I enjoyed your video! I just bought me a 14ft Mohawk Sportsman. It was rattle can sprayed with red paint. Quite an eye sore! I’m in the process of refurbishing my canoe. I’m going to do a camo pattern and put a coat of "Coat It’ on the bottom for protection. I would like to get or make some outriggers for mine as well. Is yours a 14footer fiberglass as well? How much does yours weigh?…….Thanks.

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