Katherine Mull - Solo 13


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Katherine Mull shared some beautiful photos of her and her family, including her granddaughter and her river cat (!), as they created memories with their Mohawk Solo 13. Below, Katherine shares some memories and thoughts about her Solo 13:

"In the 1990s I purchased several Mohawk canoes:  Nova 16, Probe 12 II, XL13 and, my favorite, the Solo 13, which I still paddle regularly.
Despite not being a whitewater boat, the Solo 13 has regularly run whitewater, such as Bull Falls on the Shenandoah Staircase. The Solo 13 was my river cat's favorite boat. It's been great for multi-day campers in the Adirondacks or on rivers, as well as exploring Florida springs, the NJ Pine Barrens, and rivers up and down the east coast.

The Solo 13 also has room enough for my young granddaughter to sit in the boat in front of me as we explore the margins of the lake on which I live.  While I also have additional solo whitewater canoes, the Solo 13 is the boat that is truly one with the river. Plus, it's also the prettiest boat I've owned."

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  • Robbie Jones

    oh my goodness, I thought you were kidding about the river cat! lol thanks for posting your review! : – )

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