Ralph Hawn - 1985 16' Blazer Before and After


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Ralph Hawn describes the restoration process for his Mohawk Blazer canoe:

This 1985 16’ BLAZER was a rescue…damaged by a large tree limb, crushing the bow and aluminum gunwales.  The project included:
#1.  Repair hull (a lot of sandpaper & hand sanding)
#2.  Re-glass dry spots on the interior
#3.  Replace gunwales w/wood & end caps w/fiberglass
#4.  Added keel
#5.  Hull, interior & gunwales painted w/marine paint.     
#6.  Splatter coated on interior.
This project was started on 4/28/17.  She patiently waited until 12/7/21, when restoration began in earnest.  She was finally finished on 3/5/2022.
The “before” pics you see are from 12/7/21, along with pics showing how she looks today.


  • Melia

    Nice work, Dad! It’s perfect

  • William Hunter

    Ralph —

    Nice job on that!

    I own an Intrepid. That’s the 17’ plus and inch or two, as I recall offhand. I bought it from Mohawk in, probably, the early 80s, maybe 79. There’s generally always been a canoe in my life. I felt lost in times there wasn’t one.

    — Hunter

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