Certificate of Origin

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Certificate of Origin (COO) to be used to register your canoe. COO payment covers notarized Certificate of Origin paperwork and shipping. Proof of ownership required.

Steps to request your COO paperwork:

  1. Email us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com with the following information:
    • Reason for requesting COO
    • Photo of Hull Identification Number (HIN) on canoe
    • Photo of your canoe
    • Your mailing address (this is where the COO paperwork will be sent once completed).
  1. After we confirm receipt of the information above, you will then complete payment for the $25.00 COO processing fee.
  2. Once all necessary documentation (including photos of serial number and canoe) is received and $25.00 COO processing fee is complete, please allow 5 business days for COO notarized paperwork to be processed and mailed to your mailing address.

Please contact us at customerservice@mohawkcanoes.com if you have any questions.